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New album: Solar System Suite nº2

Hi, everyone!

I've recently uploaded a brand new album on Bandcamp, YouTube and the Internet Archive: Solar System nº2!

It is a continuation of the first Solar System Suite which I released in 2011, although this time it centers around the dwarf planets and asteroids in our solar system.

The truth is I had planned to record a second Solar System Suite shortly after releasing the first one, already with the idea of focusing on dwarf planets, although with a different approach (structuring the album as a journey following the trajectory of the Voyager probes), but I only started to record it last year.

I must say that working on this second Solar System Suite has been a really interesting experience.
You see, I am a failed astronomer, and I already knew quite a bit about the eight "original" planets (nine if you count Pluto), but I knew next to nothing about the dwarf planets, so working on this album implied doing a lot of research to try and get an idea of what the plane…

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