A little bit about me

Right, now who on Earth is the nutcase behind this little blog?
Meet Igniael.

I have actually been active since 2008, and have released music non-stop ever since.
I am a self-taught vocalist hailing from Andorra.
You know, that tiny dot in the map between Spain and France!

Throughout these almost 10 years of work, my music has taken two shapes: ambient/ambient pop music and experimental music. All of my albums have heavily relied on my weird little voice that never fully changed into adult form, so I'm kind of stuck in the middle between a child's voice and an adult's. Oh, well.

My music is usually expressed as a series of immersive sonic worlds, and I am madly in love with the idea of concept albums, so that's that. I focus on an idea: the forests, the ocean, heaven, etc, and I stretch it as far as I can. Also, I sing about myself in the most nauseatingly self-centered way you could possibly imagine, "because I'm worth it!".

As I grow up I fully realize that I'm not really looking for any fame whatsoever, which begs the question "then why on Earth do you keep bothering us with your music?", of course.
Meh, I guess I'm only looking to leave my mark, my proof of existence, express myself and let the world know what I think and how I feel. Who knows?
A lot of artists say that the best moments are to be gained from live concerts. I have actually found out that I, on the other hand, feel happier when I create and see the albums slowly take shape.

My work is neverending, so feel free to catch up!

Discography (so far):

1. Almost Me (2009)
2. Seibutsu (2010)
3. Laptop Daydreaming Vol.1 (2010)
4. Océanide (2011)
5. Amor, Amen, Mort (Laptop Daydreaming Vol.2) (2011)
6. Solar System Suite (2011)
7. Arachnida (2012)
8. The First Age: Remixes (2012)
9. Call Me "Your Majesty" (2013)
10. Honshitsu (Essence) (2014)
11. Laptop Daydreaming Vol.3 (2014)
12. Empireo (2014)
13. Droit de Règne: 2013-2015 (2015)
14. Nº6 (Roku) (2017)
15. Blossom (2017)
16. Blossom (Core Edition) (2017)
17. Solar System Suite nº2 (2018)
18. Sanctus (2018)

Singles (so far):

1. Almost Me (Take a Look at the Surface) (2009)
2. Merpeople (2009)
3. Almost like a Breath (2009)
4. Mission nº666: Journey to the End of the Cosmos (2010)
5. The Dark Side of the Earth (2010)
6. Frozen Symphony (2010)
7. The Silent Symphony (2011)
8. Ritual to Summon the Old Gods (2011)
9. El Romance del Bosque Endemoniado (2011)
10. Immortal Love, Religious Death (2011)
11. Symphony Nº7 - Of Insanity and Wolves
12. Arachné (2012)
13. God on Earth (2012)
14. Seule Reste l'Ombre (2012)
15. Emperor in the Dark (2012)
16. Sanctuaire (Grant Your Wish) (2012)
17. I Luv U (2013)
18. Only Me (2013)
19. I Luv U: Remixes (2013)
20. Only Me: Remixes (2013)
21. Hippie-Happy (2013)
22. A Higher Plane (2013)
23. Lightseeker (2014)
24. Sense Rendir-me (2014)
25. We Are a Flame (2014)
26. Daydream Nº57 - Jupiter & Io (2014)
27. Phantom Symphony Nº14 (2014)
28. Mechanical Study of Human Decay nº753 (2014)
29. Angelic (2014)
30. You're Just Mine (2015)
31. Eclipse (2015)
32. Crucify Me (2015)
33. E.m.b.r.a.c.e (2015)
34. Lo Más Fácil/The Beginning (2017)
35. Undress (2017)
36. Crystals in Rain (2017)


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