Welcome to Empyrean Access

Hiya there, Empyrean VIP-wannabes!

Igniael here, formerly known as Iñaki or Iñaki Barrocal.
After a lot of thinking (rants soon to follow), I've decided to let go of wikias and .coms and just stick with a good old-fashioned blog.

I've titled this blog "Empyrean Access" since my new (and final, I promise!) moniker sounds angelic as hell (nice one!) and my last album was called Empireo and blah blah blah. You get the picture.

Bref, I also decided to resurrect poor old forgotten Rocker Angel, my original mascot, to act as the face of this blog!
Yayz for Rocker Angel!
Through this blog I hope to, perhaps, share a different part of me with you.

This angel is not all angelic.
This angel is a bit devilish.
This angel is me.
This angel rocks!

So feel free to rock with me!



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