A little moment of pride as a translator

Hi there!

I just wanted to talk about a little side of me that is often left forgotten.

I actually have a degree in translation and interpreting, which I earned in the university formerly known as Université de Toulouse II-Le Mirail, now (unfortunately) known as Université Jean Jaurès, as well as a master's degree in conference interpreting which I obtained in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 

Granted, I am known better as Igniael and Akiba Jonze, and I am eager to list all of my albums and singles, but I've never actually listed my work as a translator, and I tend to translate a lot for the Andorran Ministry of Culture these days, so here's a little bit of a recap of the work that I have done ever since I entered the labour market!
  • Benvingudes a casa vostra! Les obres patrimonials fora d'Andorra (2014): an exhibition about all of various Romanesque paintings and other works of art that left the country at the beginning of the 20th century. I translated the information sheets into English and corrected the Spanish and French versions. 
  • Conjunt Històric de Meritxell (2015): an online (and printed) publication on the history of the Sanctuary-Basilica of Meritxell, that houses the wood carving of Our Lady of Meritxell, the patron saint of Andorra. I translated the publication into Spanish, French and English. 
  • Una altra mirada és possible, recerca d'estereotips de gènere en l'espai museogràfic andorrà (2016): a series of exhibitions in the various national museums of Andorra carried out by Laboratori376 with the goal of identifying and denouncing gender stereotypes in the museums. I translated and corrected the information sheets in Catalan and into Spanish, French and English. As a plus, I also did the sound mixing of "L'Anvers", Itziar Badenas's multimedia work piece for the La Farga Rossell Interpretation Centre. 
  • Ajuda'ns a millorar! (2016): an online survey for the national museums. I translated the information leaflets and the survey itself into Spanish, French and English. 
  • Bíblies del Món (2016): an exhibition of Pere Ribot's private Bible collection in the Sanctuary Basilica of Meritxell, amounting to about 1.300 Bibles in various languages! I translated the information sheets into Spanish, French and English, and also proofread the list of all the different languages, dialects and variations in which the almost 1.300 Bibles had been written!
  • Museus Nacionals d'Andorra (2017): an information leaflet on the national museums of Andorra. I corrected the Spanish, French and English versions and translated some excerpts when needed.
  • La casa Rossell: una mirada interior (2017): an exhibition about one of the wealthiest and most relevant houses in Ordino, the Rossell house. I translated the information sheets into Spanish, French and English. 
There! I just wanted to recap most of my work for the Andorran Ministry of Culture. I feel very proud of the work I've done, I keep learning as I translate and, well, it'll always be there! 


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