Gender wars... y en a pas un pour sauver l'autre!

I shared a very interesting conversation yesterday with a woman on the shortcomings and mistakes of present-day feminism. And, actually, it’s not really about feminism per se, we both agreed it felt more like a problem in society nowadays, and that’s the rise of extremisms and radical positions. You know, the good old “either you’re with me or against me”. 

Surprisingly enough, in the age of HD visuals and vibrant colours, we’ve gone back to gritty good old black and white. 

People’s skin these days is as thin as cigarette paper. Everything is offensive, everything should be censored so as not to offend anyone and, ironically enough, while it is done for supposedly the right reasons (so as to avoid hurting people’s feelings), the effect is the exact opposite: we’re slowly yet surely becoming more narrow-minded and more rejecting of “in-between” positions. 

It is apparently not conceivable these days to be a little bit eclectic and open-minded, to agree with only certain parts of a postulate and to be able to see truth in differing positions. 
For example: I thoroughly agree that sexism and sexual assault must be denounced, victims should be protected and agressors should be severely punished, it goes without saying. But that does not mean that I have to agree that men (you know, in general) are potential sexual predators and jerks and should be castrated and etc, etc, etc. 
Absolutely not. 
There are jewels and garbage among men just as there are jewels and garbage among women.
And that, you see, does not make me a mysogynist. Regardless of how hard you try to label me as one.

Now, let’s not be blind. We have major issues like blatant racism, xenophobia, sexism (directed by and at both man and women, ladies, equality in that aspect is unfortunately achieved!), general disrespect of people’s feelings, etc. 

The ugly truth is that, regardless of how we try to paint and sell this picture, we hate each other’s guts, guys and girls, it’s as simple as that. We always have and we always will. 

Well, you guys always have and always will. I’m an angel, remember?
And, truth be told, this angel is a little bit worried and tired about what’s going on.

Have you guys tried love? Hm? It does wonders!
Seriously, though, have you guys even tried it?

Over the years, I developed a little saying of mine, it goes like this:
Stupidity knows nothing of age, gender, nationality, social status or upbringing. 
People can (and most definitely will) be jerks to each other all the time, regardless of any circumstances. 

So please, please you hoomans, stop making this a gender issue ‘cause I can tell you, as they say in French “y en a pas un pour sauver l’autre” (seriously, look it up).  


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