It's the end of mah holidayz!

Ah, "how brief joy feels in the house of the poor", as my grandmother used to say...
(Speaking in silver :P)

Yes, my holidays are now over... It's back to work tomorrow morning.
Because, yes, this angelic ambient rockstar becomes a different kind of rockstar when he's not... "angelically ambient rockstarring", shall we say.

Indeed, my fellow VIP-wannabes, my 20 albums and God-knows-how-many singles are so definitely not enough to feed me and pay my bills (which would be a wonder, considering how I offer them for free 😅). So everyday I rock another outfit: I am a cultural guide and I give tours of the different national museums of Andorra. So if you want this angel to give you a tour, by all means, do come to see us!

So what have I done during these holidays? Overwork myself, that's what!
Actually, I'm thinking of adding a "what am I promoting now?" section to my website (, might come in handy to keep track of the sheer amount of shit music that I release!

Igniael-wise, I finished the second single off "Blossom": "Undress" (which is the second if you count "Lo Más Fácil/The Beginning" as the first one). Here it is for your musical enjoyment!

And Akiba Jonze-wise, I also finished the first single off "LVNA": "Book of Shadows"! It is also here for your musical enjoyment:

So yeah, my holidays are over... (Oh, December, how I yearn for you already!)
I sort of just thought of Roxas in KH2, so here's a gif of him:

See you soon, guys!


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