Saddened and angry...

Saddened and angry.
That is how I'm feeling right now.

I've tried to stay away from the current political situation in Catalonia as much as I've could, because every time I try to get updated I end up feeling beyond furious and frustrated by the blindness and utter stupidity of most comments and opinions that I read.
But today, of course, it is impossible to not feel beyond furious and frustrated.

Suffice it to say that today, of all days, I am not proud to bear Spanish blood in my veins.
Today, I would rather trade my origins for anyone else's.

In my life, I've often been accused of acting childishly.
What has been seen today in Catalonia goes way beyond the description of "childish behaviour".

Seriously, is it so hard to just sit down and talk it over like grown-up people, regardless of whether you're for or against the independence of Catalonia?

And, quite frankly, I fail to see which is worse: the multiple videos of policemen indiscriminately beating up the ones that they're supposed to serve or the horde of anti-independence Spaniards gloating on the net about the beatings.

And then, the cherry on the cake: online Spanish commentators claiming that "democracy is not voting, democracy is the law". My God, have we failed in so many ways... I've always felt like Spaniards treat democracy as a strange gizmo that they really have no clue how to use (just the bare basic functions) - and, mind you, it's not like they're all that enthusiastic to learn about it either.

Seeing the impasse that is the current situation in Catalonia, this angel gets sadddened, angry, frustrated... and it usually brings out the worst of me.
It is in those moments where I retreat to my little musical bubble, wishing with all my strength that music could transcend all of these man-made barriers and connect us all as the big worldwide Human tribe that we're supposed to be.


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