Exist/Resist: 2008-2018

Hi there!

This year will be the 10th ever since I decided to become a musician and, to celebrate this first decade, I have decided to put forward a little project called "Exist/Resist".
This project consists of 2 separate elements: an online exhibition and an album.

The online exhibition is hosted at http://inakibarrocal.artsteps.com/ and features 30 pictures chosen by me with the aim of showing the evolution of Igniael since 2008.
The exhibition will be completed by a compilation of 30 tracks from my ambient and ambient pop albums (excluding the Laptop Daydreaming Trilogy). It will be released in March 31st 2018.
Here is the track list:

01. Almost Me (Take a Look at the Surface)
02. Merpeople
03. Almost like a Breath
04. Intimacy
05. Return to the Depths
06. Sonic Sphere
07. A Heart of Helium: The Sun
08. Arachné
09. God on Earth
10. Seule Reste l'Ombre
11. Emperor in the Dark
12. Sanctuaire (Grant Your Wish)
13. I Luv U
14. Only Me
15. Hippie-Happy
16. A Higher Plane
17. Lightseeker
18. Entre Raíles (Railroad to the Future)
19. We Are a Flame
20. Angelic
21. You're Just Mine
22. Eclipse
23. Crucify Me
24. E.m.b.r.a.c.e
25. Escape from Salvington
26. The Beginning
27. Undress
28. Crystals in Rain
29. Prueba de Existencia
30. Born Free

Many of the tracks (or, basically, all of them until "Escape from Salvington") will be remade versions of the originals for better audio quality, so expect an awesome album!
I am really excited about this project, and I hope you will share my excitement too!


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