The end of a year, the end of a cycle

We’ve recently said goodbye to 2017 as we welcome a new year with new hopes and dreams for everyone.
On a global scale, and as it usually happens of late, 2017 has unfortunately been a rather violent year for many. As an observer, it feels as though I’m watching a room slowly turn darker and darker as the many lights that once illuminated it go dim. I feel that it gets to a point where only tiny lights subsist, unseen in the vast darkness filling the world. And yet, those tiny lights hold great power as, through their everyday actions, they help make people’s lives brighter and happier. Slowly, yet surely, they change and heal the world.
That is the world where I try to progress.
For me, 2017 has been about rebirth and rediscovery.
I was able to return first as Iñaki Barrocal, then as Igniael, with two albums – “Nº6 (Roku)” and “Blossom”. One of them has allowed me to explore new and interesting grounds and to “debut” as a guitarist rather than a vocalist, it’s kind of like a dream come true for me (especially knowing how sloppy I am!). It has also been quite interesting to go all the way back to the (unused) backstory for “Empireo” (2014) to craft this unfinished epilogue of sorts to the tales of the Rogue One a.k.a. “Six”. Mixing together futuristic sci-fi space adventures with the lore of the Book of Urantia has been incredibly fun!
But, of course, the main star when it comes to Igniael has been “Blossom”. The “comeback” album which I like to view as a third part in a trilogy of albums with a more pop-oriented sound: “Call Me Your Majesty” (2013), “Empireo” and “Blossom”. Working on that album has been simply cathartic, a wonderful and healing experience for me. And finding out it’d been reviewed within days of its release was unbelievable.
If we move to Akiba Jonze territory, I’ve got 2 albums to talk about too: “NEPTVNE” and “LVNA”. I’ve invested so much of myself into the Planetarium Saga… Creating and promoting “NEPTVNE” has been a blast. “LVNA” is the culmination of 8 years of hard work, as many songs date back from 2009. The unfinished Wiccan project has finally found life in another shape, and I feel very proud of it. Also, downloads. Lots and lots of downloads, as well as lots and lots of love. You’ve made me feel so loved and appreciated, and you’ve allowed me to keep breaking my own records, so many thanks to you for that!
2018 brings forth the end of a cycle, as it will mark 10 years since I started to create music, so expect a celebration. I am currently working on two little projects that I will reveal quite soon. As for Akiba Jonze, for once and quite surprisingly, I foresee no activity in 2018 for the time being beyond the promotion for “LVNA”. A first! Let’s see how it all turns out, ‘cause I have another planet in mind and have already recorded some tracks!
In essence, thank you so much for all your support and I hope you’ll keep supporting me throughout this next year, 2018, which I’m sure will be full of surprises.

Stay safe and keep those lights shining and beautiful!


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