The Earth is a Woman

I would like to wish a Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in this lonely planet called “Earth”, to all of them, without exception.
Today we celebrate you, and through you, we celebrate ourselves as human beings.
It is important that we keep pressing forward so as to - hopefully one day - advance as a species.
I still want to hope that one day in the future we will be able to see with utmost clarity as human beings.
I still want to hope that one day we’ll start to slowly awaken to the truth: (to quote Björk) “we are each other’s hemispheres”, we need each other and must support each other.
I sincerely hope that one day we’ll be advanced enough to let go of all labels, stop naming things and remember that we are all human beings who deserve the same respect, the same rights and must therefore carry out the same duties. We are all scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that desperately yearns to be completed.
Let us therefore keep fighting, all of us, to achieve this much desired future where neither of us is shunned or discriminated for who we were born to be or for whom we have decided to become. A future where no one is subjected to abuse and mistreatment. A future where the mere idea of rape becomes inconceivable. A future where abortion can be practiced without fear of legal and social punishment. A future where we are all equal. A future where we become siblings, as we once were.
This future could be today. It can be attained if we all keep fighting.
Change starts with oneself.
Although the same thing could be said every day, today… the Earth is a woman.


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