Exist/Resist (UPDATE)

Hi there, everyone!

Remember the project that I mentioned - the 30-track compilation spanning the first 10 years of my career?

Well, lazy old me didn't get to finish on time, so... we're actually going to up the ante and turn the compilation into full-strength remakes of the old albums!!!

That will include Almost Me (2009), Océanide (2011), Arachnida (2012), Call Me "Your Majesty" (2013) and Empireo (2014).

It's impossible for me to say which album is going to come out first, but chances are it's the original version of Océanide - you know, the one with the covers!

For the time being, that version of Océanide will be uploaded on YouTube (as Bandcamp has a more severe set of rules regarding covers).

So more info on it soon!!!


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