Grand Update, Part 1: DreamSPHERE and Océanide

Hi, everyone!

Things are shaping up for Igniael!

As I told you, I decided to turn Exist/Resist, the 30-track compilation meant to celebrate my first 10 years as a composer, into a series of remakes of old albums.

The first of them has been the original 2011 version of Océanide, my album of sea-related covers. It has been remade exactly like the original, albeit with more efficient links between the tracks (as it is meant to be a seamless journey from ocean shores to ocean depths).
Here's the track list, for those of you who do not remember:

1. Return to the Depths
2. Voices and Bubbles
3. El Canto de la Ballena (originally by Chambao)
4. Ningyo (Sirène)
5. Como Sueñan las Sirenas (originally by Ana Torroja)
6. Sun in my Mouth (originally by Björk)
7. Inmensidad (originally by Mina Mazzini/Mónica Naranjo)
8. Dive (originally by Sarah Brightman)
9. Submarine (originally by Björk)
10. Rêver (originally by Mylène Farmer)
11. La Mer (originally by Sarah Brightman)
12. The Anchor Song (originally by Björk)
 (+ hidden track J'irai Vivre dans les Profondeurs)

The album has been uploaded to YouTube but also to Bandcamp.
If you recall, I was a little bit reluctant as I'd heard Bandcamp has a stricter policy when it comes to covers but, so far, I haven't received any warnings so all is fine.

Before uploading Océanide on Bandcamp, though, I also decided to upload another compilation of covers - this time, related to dreams, the sky and fantasy: DreamSPHERE.
My goal with DreamSPHERE was to create minimalistic arrangements for lullaby-like tracks.
Here is the track list:

1. A Drop of Sun (Healing Incantation from the Disney movie Tangled)
2. Glósoli (originally by Sigur Rós/Sarah Brightman)
3. Little Star (originally by Madonna)
4. Flying Dreams Lullaby (from the Don Bluth movie The Secret of Nimh)
5. Aníron (I Desire...) (originally by Enya)
6. Marble Halls (as sung by Enya)
7. Vökuró (originally by Björk)
8. Majo no Komoriuta (The Witch's Lullaby) (from the movie Pretty Cure All Stars: Minna de Utau! Kiseki no Mahou!)
9. Eva (originally by Mónica Naranjo)
10. Moon Cradle (originally by Loreena McKennitt)
11. The Chosen Summoner (originally by Nobuo Uematsu)
12. Yoru no Uta (Song of Night) (from the anime series Cardcaptor Sakura)
13. Abide With Me (as sung by Emeli Sandé)
14. Kaze no Toorimichi (The Path of the Wind) (from the Studio Ghibli movie Tonari no Totoro) 

Since both albums contain only covers, I have decided to create a new Bandcamp account for those: 
Océanide and DreamSPHERE won't be the only ones to be uploaded to this account: I plan to completely remake the extension album to Océanide, Achéron, and am already planning some more cover albums in the future, so I'm sure to be using this second account for a while!

Don't hesitate to drop by to listen to and download these albums, and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!