Igniael and his covers (a little recap)

Hi there, everyone!

I was updating the Discography and Singles section in the "A little bit about me" post and I realized I was unsure where to add all of my cover-related material, so I figured it would need a post of its own, so here goes! 

I started doing covers, like any other artist, since the very beginning. 
If I recall correctly, when I started out on MySpace (mein Gott, are we going back...!), my very first cover was of Björk's "Show me Forgiveness" (one voice, no background music, easy as heck), it evolved into more Björk songs ("Bachelorette", "Oceania", "Unravel", "Isobel"...) and also "Gollum's Song" by Emiliana Torrini. 

Then, in 2010, I had the brilliant idea to go full force and do a cover album that became "Océanide" and which, even today, remains one of my favourite albums. I started to record and got to finish an extension, "Achéron", but I never released it until recently when I remade it.

I've done countless covers over the years, some of which I have shared, some of which I haven't. I did 6 or 7 12-track albums worth of Mylène Farmer covers (some of which are up on YouTube), I even went as far as to completely cover Mylene's "Avant Que l'Ombre...", "Point de Suture", "Bleu Noir", "Monkey Me" and "Interstellaires" albums (one-track mind much?).
I also did quite a lot of Japanese covers of various anime and game songs which I haven't shared (I'm currently in the process of re-recording all of those tracks with much better quality...). 

Then again, in 2017, I recorded "DreamSPHERE", with its minimalistic covers of lullaby-like tracks.

When it comes to releasing those covers, I've always been divided. Back when I started, of course I gladly uploaded everything to YouTube, that is until I got cold feet from being scared about copyright infringements and decided to keep my covers to myself - therefore remaking the entire "Océanide" album with only originals in 2014. 

Ever since I started remaking my old material, I finally decided to upload everything back again.
Nevertheless, I will not upload any of my Mylène Farmer covers or anime covers on Bandcamp, as I am pretty much just singing on top of ready-made karaoke tracks (some of which are official), so since it really isn't my work, those covers will go on YouTube only. 
The only covers that I will upload on Bandcamp are those that I've done myself, down to the last background vocal note. 
Also, DISCLAIMER: my covers are downloaded FOR FREE, if someone charged you for them, YOU'VE BEEN HAD!

As for ze future, am I going to keep doing covers? Pretty much! I love them!
So what do I have in mind? For the time being, two more cover albums: one is the heavenly "Paradiso" (final title), the other the aquatic "Dagon" (working title). 

So, to recap, here's my cover-related work that I've released:

Discography (so far!):

1. Océanide (2011)
2. Achéron (2012, released in 2018)
3. DreamSPHERE (2018)


1. Submarine (2011)
2. Como Sueñan las Sirenas (2011)
3. Sun in my Mouth (2011)
4. Inmensidad (2012)

As always, this list will continue to grow!