Igniael plays Kingdom Hearts III - Chapter nº1: SO MANY FEELINGS...!


I may usually be all about music, but I enjoy gaming too!
And one of my all-time favourite game series is none other than Kingdom Hearts. 
Played the first installment back in 2004, loved it immediately. Kingdom Hearts II still remains my favourite game of the series to this date, playing it was truly a magical time for me. 

And so, here we are, almost 13 years later and after all the Re:Chains of Memories, Re:Codeds, 358/2 Days, Births by Sleep, Dream Drop Distances, I.5s, II.5s, II.8s, Fragmentary Passages and Back Covers, ready to play Kingdom Hearts III. 

Ok, first of all, this game looks stunningly beautiful!
Everything is visually breathtaking! 

I may not be a big fan of the Skrillex beats in Utada Hikaru's gorgeous "Face my Fears" (which I still think would have worked waaaay better with less dubstep-inclined beats - that's right, I said it, you may now proceed to stone me accordingly), but oh my God does it all add to create the franchise's most breathtaking opening cinematic so far! You most definitely get a sense of "this is it, everything is coming to an end this time". 

We are then transported to a classic Dive to the Heart segment. Oh, my God, are the visuals stunning! That stained glass...! Everything looks insanely beautiful! 
After a scene with Yen Sid, the main cast decides to go meet with Hercules in Olympus Colisseum and...

Oh my God.

"Kingdom Hearts II.9" (*insert massive facepalming*)

This nightmare never ends...! 
I think it was AntDude who made the joke about Kingdom Hearts II.9, but my actual reaction to this was a big and ugly "OH, COME ON!!!". Yup, wasn't pretty. 

Anywho, onwards to Olympus Colisseum!
Again, I am repeating myself, but everything looks GORGEOUS! 
From the characters to the world itself (my only bone to pick is with Maleficent's face, which looks like a mask).
I also liked it that we get to see many cool features from past games: Shotlock, magic shortcuts... Combat feels really fluid, and the Attraction Flow (a.k.a this game's brand-new seizure-inducing, cool-looking gimmick) is definitely fun to use.
Only downside? Oh my God, SO. MANY. ENEMIES!!!
And so many things to do!!! Save the citizens of Thebes, go up to Mount Olympus, fight the Titans... 

But all in all, it was a heartwarming prologue that really feels like a huge "WELCOME BACK!" from the developers. 

And finally, FINALLY, it happened: 

"Kingdom Hearts III". At last!!! 

... Aaaaand that's where I ended my playthrough, satisfied by the lack of decimals in my game logo. Just a big, reassuring Roman III. 

To be continued!