Igniael plays Kingdom Hearts III - Chapter nº2: Meeting with Old Friends!

Hi there!

Igniael is back for some more KHIII delayed live-blogging!

So last time we paused the game right after the comforting game title (with a III, I can't believe it!).
This time, we went to Twilight Town.
But first, the Gummi Ship segment!

Ok... I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I really, *really* miss the much more simpler days of KH1's Gummi Ship levels... Granted, KH2's were way more adrenaline-filled, but when it comes to KH3's... Again, the levels look amazing (especially since I'm a space enthusiast as you know!), but I'm not that fond of including separate battle segments in the Gummi Ship levels... But that's just me, maybe it'll grow on me! Although I did like the light tunnel bits that make you go faster!

Anyway, back to Twilight Town. 
Oh, ze memories! The town itself looks spectacular, and nostalgia is everywhere!
Hayner, Pence, Olette!

Now time for some nitpicking/commentary: I find it SO HARD to believe that Ienzo is acting as a good guy! I find myself doubting the guy and expecting him to revert back to Zexion/become a Xehanort vessel...!
I absolutely loved seeing Rémy/Little Chef in Twilight Town, and I enjoyed seeing Uncle McScrooge and his Bistro!
Back to the nitpicking, I have issues with certain character models... I mentioned Maleficent, my next victim is Mansex Xemnas. He looks more than ok, but there's something... not quite Xemnas-y about his new model, as though I couldn't fully recognize him - I don't know.
That being said, I absolutely love how they have animated their expressions, especially when it comes to Ansem and the Kairi and Axel bit.

Ooooh, the Kairi and Axel bit...!

When Axel sees Xion in Kairi and breaks down... Oh my Gawd the face animation...!

Another element that I find unsettling yet genius is to see Sora doubting himself and his strength. I keep wondering how they are gonna address this matter.

So, with the options of the Toy Box and Corona Kingdom in the horizon, I paused the game for the night.

More on the game ASAP!!!