Igniael plays Kingdom Hearts III - Chapter nº3: Tangled & Toy Story!

Hi there!

Back to Kingdom Hearts III business. 

Finally found some time to play and, this time, we explored our first Disney-related worlds: the Kingdom of Corona (from Tangled) and the Toy Box (from Toy Story) - in that order.

A little update when it comes to the Gummi Ship segments. 
I like it that you don't necessarily have to engage in the platforming bits to get to the worlds, although I will say things become confusing when you follow the green dot for your destination and wind up in a different world from the one you wanted to visit - although that might just be me sucking at these segments, ahem...

We started off with the Kingdom of Corona. This one I found rather long, to be honest, the forest was just too big for me... I also noticed that the game kind of relies on you to know your source material - i.e. Rapunzel calling Flynn "Eugene" prior to him explaining that his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert and so on... Still, the worlds and character models are superb, and it really feels like watching the movie all over again - all the way to the ending with is beautiful effects. 

Then came the Toy Box. Now this one, I enjoyed way better. The storytelling felt much better paced, with an original story rather than following the source material. I must also say that I enjoyed the meta humor with "Verum Rex", the "Final Fantasy Versus XIII"/"Final Fantasy XV" clone/parody (with the added Latin translation to Verum Rex: True King), I had a good laugh with that one!

When it comes to the story per se, I must insist that I really like this take at Sora as the downfallen hero who must regain his strength! It makes for a very relatable character! 
The reveal that Vexen has returned to the ranks of Organization XIII is hardly surprising and fits the character really well. 

All in all, again, a really good time and I can't wait to see how the story progresses!

T.T.F.N.!: Ta Ta For Now!